China 1 1/2 Inch uPVC Column Pipe 1.5” Borewell Pipe

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Introducing our uPVC Column Pipe, a durable and efficient solution designed to meet your water distribution needs. These pipes exhibit exceptional strength and resistance to impact, making them highly reliable in demanding applications. The torque resistance, rigidity, and longevity of these pipes ensure efficient water flow for an extended period. Furthermore, their inert properties towards chemicals, leak-proof design, and hygienic features make them a safe and practical choice.

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Product Features

1)Unparalleled Durability:
Our uPVC column pipes are built to withstand harsh conditions, providing long-lasting durability and reliability.

2)Impact Resistance and High Tensile Strength:
With exceptional impact resistance and high tensile strength, these pipes are suitable for demanding applications.

3)Torque Resistant:
The pipes are engineered to withstand high torque, ensuring secure connections even under extreme conditions.

4)Rigid and Long-lasting:
The superior rigidity of these pipes contributes to their extended lifespan, resulting in a cost-effective water distribution system.

5)Chemically Inert:
These pipes exhibit inert properties towards chemicals, safeguarding the purity and safety of the water supply.

6)Square Thread Design:
The square thread design ensures secure connections, preventing leakage and enhancing load holding capacity.

Equipped with high-quality rubber "O" rings, these pipes offer a 100% leak-proof connection while maintaining a high flow rate.

8)Non-toxic, Odorless, and Hygienic:
Our pipes are non-toxic, odorless, and maintain hygiene standards, making them ideal for potable water supply systems.

9)Non-corrosive, Seamless, Strong, and Flexible:
These pipes are non-corrosive, seamless, strong, and flexible, ensuring their durability and performance.

10)Low Installation Cost, Easy to Install and Operate:
These pipes provide a cost-effective solution with low installation costs and easy installation and operation.

11)Minimal Friction:
The smooth internal surface of these pipes reduces friction, resulting in improved water flow and enhanced energy efficiency.

Product specification

Nominal Diameter (Avg.) Outer Diameter (Avg.) Overall Length Type Pressure Safe Pulling Load Safe Total Pump Delivery Head
Inches MM MM M kg/cm² KG M
40 48 3.01 Standard 26-40 1700 260
Heavy 35-45 2000 350

Product application

1)These pipes are ideal for use with submersible pumps, offering reliable water supply for various purposes.
2)Perfect for Irrigation: With their durability and strength, these pipes are highly suitable for irrigation systems, ensuring efficient water distribution.
3)Superior Alternative to Various Column Pipe Materials: Our uPVC pipes provide a superior alternative to MS, PPR, GI, ERW, HDPE, and stainless steel column pipes, offering improved performance and durability.
4)Highly Compatible with Normal, Cold, Clean, Salty, and Sandy Corrosive Water: These pipes are specifically designed to handle various types of water, including normal, cold, clean, salty, and sandy corrosive water.
5)Suitable for Household Use: These pipes are also ideal for domestic applications, providing a safe and dependable water supply for everyday use.

In conclusion, our uPVC Column Pipe is a durable and efficient solution for water distribution systems. With its exceptional features, advantages, and diverse applications, it ensures a reliable and long-lasting water supply. Choose our uPVC Column Pipe to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality, reliable, and optimized water distribution system.


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