China 3 Inch uPVC Column Pipes 3” Water Pump Pipes

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A water well pipe is a column pipe that carries the underground water through submersible pumps to the surface. A high quality and unique alternative for conventional steel pipes, our series pipes are high-tensile, high-impact uPVC threaded pipe–commonly known as riser pipes or column pipes for submersible pumps. Our uPVC riser pipes are an excellent alternative to galvanized or stainless steel pipes as they are 100% corrosion resistant and bacteria free. Featuring 100% leak-proof and water tight joints, our uPVC column pipe series is the ideal solution for bore well and deep submersible pump delivery. Installed between the pump at the bottom of a well and the surface, the pipes can be assembled easily without the need for sophisticated installation tools. Our uPVC column pipes are available in sizes between 32 and 150 mm (1 1/4” to 6” ) diameter with a full range of pressure ratings in Medium, Standard, Heavy and Super Heavy types as per requirement based on installation depth from 100 to 350 meters.

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Product Features

1) Our uPVC column pipes offer a range of benefits that enhance efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness;
2) Made from high-quality uPVC material, these column pipes are corrosion-proof, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging environments;
3) Their lightweight construction simplifies handling and installation, saving time and effort during installation and maintenance;
4) Our energy-saving pipes promote efficient water flow while reducing energy consumption;

5) With their maximum load-carrying capacity, these uPVC column pipes are the ideal choice for reliable and sustainable water extraction systems;
6) High friction square threading designed to withstand higher loads;
7) Smooth internal pipe surface reduces head loss and prevents scale build up;
8) lead-free and heavy metal free

Product specification

Nominal Diameter (Avg.) Outer Diameter (Avg.) Overall Length Type Pressure Safe Pulling Load Safe Total Pump Delivery Head
Inches MM MM M kg/cm² KG M
3 80 88 3.01 Medium 11-25 2750 110
Standard 17-40 4000 170
Heavy 26-45 5700 260
Super Heavy 35-55 6600 350

Product application

1)Water rising for submersible pump set;
2)It is commonly used as replacement on the place for MS, ERW, GI, HDPE and stainless steel;
3) Ideally suitable for long term use in sandy and chemically aggressive water.


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