China 4 Inch Irrigation Pipe 4” uPVC Column Pipes For Submersible Pumps

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Our uPVC Column Pipes are the perfect choice for various applications, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution. With exceptional durability, high tensile strength, and extended lifespan, these pipes offer unparalleled performance. Made from uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), these pipes exhibit chemical inertness, ensuring a safe and contamination-free conduit for fluids. Featuring a square thread design, they guarantee leak-proof connections, making them suitable for both underground and above-ground installations. Moreover, their easy installation process makes them a cost-effective option for a wide range of projects.

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Product Features

Crafted to withstand harsh conditions and extended use, our uPVC Column Pipes offer remarkable durability, ensuring a reliable solution for your plumbing needs.

2)High Tensile Strength:
These pipes possess excellent tensile strength, providing outstanding resistance to pressure and mechanical stress.

3)Extended Lifespan:
With exceptional material properties, our uPVC Column Pipes boast a prolonged lifespan, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

4)Chemical Inertness:
These pipes exhibit chemical inertness, guaranteeing the safe and reliable transportation of fluids without the risk of contamination.

5)Square Thread Design:
The square thread design of our uPVC Column Pipes ensures secure and tight connections, minimizing the probability of leakage.

Engineered to offer excellent leak-proof performance, our pipes facilitate efficient fluid transportation while minimizing wastage.

7)Corrosion Resistance:
Our pipes are corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for various water conditions, including corrosive environments.

8)Easy Installation:
The lightweight and flexible nature of uPVC Column Pipes simplifies the installation process, saving time and labor costs.

Our uPVC Column Pipes provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials, maintaining high performance at a lower cost.

Product specification

Nominal Diameter (Avg.) Outer Diameter (Avg.) Overall Length Type Pressure Safe Pulling Load Safe Total Pump Delivery Head
Inches MM MM M kg/cm² KG M
4 100 113 3.01 Medium 10-25 4100 100
Standard 15-40 5700 150
Heavy 26-45 9500 260
Super Heavy 35-55 11000 350

Product Advantages

1)Exceptional durability and strength guarantee long-lasting performance
2)Chemical inertness ensures a safe and clean conduit for fluid transportation
3)Leak-proof connections minimize maintenance costs and reduce fluid wastage
4)Corrosion resistance results in a more extended service life compared to traditional pipes
5)Easy installation process reduces labor costs and project timelines
6)Offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality

Product application

1)Deep Well Submersible Pumps:
Ideal for deep wells, ensuring reliable water supply to residential, commercial, and agricultural areas.

2)Irrigation Systems:
Suitable for irrigation applications, optimizing water flow and distribution for enhanced crop yields.

3)Replacement for MS, PPR, GI, ERW, HDPE, and SS Column Pipes:
Our uPVC Column Pipes provide a trustworthy and durable alternative to these traditional materials, offering superior performance.

Choose our uPVC Column Pipes for their durability, high-strength construction, chemical inertness, leak-proof design, corrosion resistance, easy installation, and cost-effectiveness. Upgrade your pumping system with our reliable and versatile uPVC Column Pipes.


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